Tuesday, 11 November 2008

MGMT-Kid's remixes...


The original and also the best.

MGMT- Kids (80kidz remix)
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A few more beeps and beats have been added to turn this into something more dancey. It doesn't deviate too much from the original, and the intro is the sex! 4 stars.
4 stars

MGMT- Kids (Tyler Fedchuk remix)
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Nothing special but still darn good, abit shorter and pacier compared to the other remixes. This one gets a 3 from me.
3 stars

MGMT- Kids (Soulwax remix)
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This is the most popular remix of mgmt's kid's currently orbiting the net, it is also my favourite out of the lot.Totally different from the original, and on first listen i found it too long and boring. However this one is growing on me like some furry foot fungus that won't go away. 4 stars rising to 5 if the foot fungus grows anymore.
4 stars

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Victor said...

Hey thanks for collecting the remixes, do you have any more? 80kidz is the best, but I need mooore!