Monday, 17 November 2008

Lovers Electric

lovers electric

Lovers Electric- Could this be (Sam la more remix)

The original The remix Download MP3

I actually heard the remix of this song before i heard the original while i was checking out Sam la more's myspace page. I instantly fell in love with it and discovered the original was created by a band called 'Lovers Electric.' a married couple based in Australia. They appear to be a relatively new band and in my opinion they have a bright future in store for them. I think their sound is similar to that of alphabeat.
5 star remix! 5 stars


crow your boat. said...

this is tight!
reminds me of Vanishing Point by New Order.

Kappa Psi said...

the link expired to download. :(
could you re upload it please.
this is an awesome mix.

Admin said...

new download link has been added ;)